I have explored a number of media including ‘no more gaps mixed with paint test pots’, to egg tempera. At the moment I am working with linocuts with the intention: “If Picasso can do it at 80, I can  still do it!”

I attended Polytech community classes where I studied life drawing and was encouraged by the late Tom Kreisler. Drawing inspiration from Sir Toss Woolloston, my style of art is based on being expressive both in line and colour .

After a period of painting portaits to prove I could paint to myself, I focussed on, and enjoyed watercolour painting, which I often produced with my wife Brenda as part of our travels.

Recently, my art style has become more intuitive in line and in colour. My linocuts are an attempt to carry this intuitive style into a more formal medium.

Born in Stratford in 1941. Attended Stratford Technical High School where I excelled in Art but was encouraged by my parents to follow a practical science path. I attended Massey University (with the intention of becoming a school teacher). I became the set designer and Painter for the Student Review.

As the closest thing they had as an artist in the student body I was appointed Fine Art’s Controller for the NZ University Art’s Festival, from where I came to know a number of NZ contemporary artists.

I became aquainted with Michael Smither. Employed in Agricultural Research. While in Ashburton I became a potter sucessfully teaching and selling pots and building pottery kilns.

My life hasn’t been just art. I was employed as a Research Officer and then a Project Officer at Ivon Watkins Dow. Spent three years in Tonga as a Principal of an Agricultural College and was a consultant in West Timor for two years. At the end of my term I retuned to New Plymouth where I was employed on work skills projects and then by the Department of Labour. Then becoming a tutor at Taranaki Polytech where I taught Agriculture, Horticulture, Science, and then Forestry. I became interested in Organics and helped set up Organic Certification in Taranaki, eventually becoming an organic auditor for the Southern North Island.

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