I was born in New Plymouth, and have always been drawn back to our moutain ‘Taranaki’ and the ocean.

I continue to explore working in various mediums, including acyrlics, oils. While travelling, I work in watercolour. Some of these watercolours develop into larger paintings in oil or acyrlic. Inspiration comes travelling within New Zealand and overseas. When painting plein air, a new dimension of the atmosphere and light developes the sense of being part of the environment and influences each painting making it a new and interesting challenge.

I have made pilgimages to sites of spiritual of significance in various cultures, reflections of these experiences are seen in my work.

In the College of Education pursuing a teaching qualification I majored in Art. For a period of ten years, together with John, we focused on pottery – an oil fired catenary arch kiln in the garden with monthly firings of domestic ware. Later, when more colour evolved in pottery, I created colourful small ceramic murals.

Working in Timor I turned again to paintings inspired by the completely new environment with the exceptional light and colour.

I have been tutored locally by a number of artists Colin McCahon one of the most memorable.

Since retirement I have had more time and opportunity to pursue my passion.

My work has been exhibited in the Taranaki Arts Trail.

Brenda's Portfolio